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At ERG International, everyday is a new day of possibilities. New possibilities for creative design of new products that invoke comfortable places to sit, and functional places to work. We start by hearing a need, and then brainstorming in the hopes to design build those needs, with products that are comfortable, attractive, functional and built with the finest materials and craftsmanship. We support a range of markets with a diverse portfolio that covers education, hospitality, healthcare and corporate spaces.

We want our products to not only serve a function, but to serve a purpose. Whether the purpose is to socialize, work together in collaborative hubs or have personal spaces for focused work, our products achieve those differing needs everyday. We understand the importance of inclusivity of all types of learning experiences and provide different products, for each type of space or configuration with supportive design.

Since 1981, ERG International has been a family business enjoying incredible growth of manufacturing contract furniture, with an emphasis on tables and seating. As one of the leading suppliers, we are dedicated to our customers and our relationships with them through a strong commitment to service. Our work of designing and manufacturing starts with an idea and ends with the user and their interaction with our products. We create to experience those spaces with our customers and to fulfill another day of possibilities.