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ERG International is a proud Green Company.

Since we began manufacturing in 1981, ERG International has always looked for better ways to improve our environmental stewardship, knowing the choices we make today are shaping the world of tomorrow.

Through ERG’s Green Program, any potential product addition is defined by its level of sustainability in regards to longevity, making every effort to ensure all components are recyclable; i.e. wood, metal, aluminum, plastics, fabrics and foam. Our ultimate goal in manufacturing is to manage as little waste as possible in respect to energy efficiency, water conservation, and raw material selections.

ERG does not use any toxic chemicals in the manufacturing of our products. Since 1994, ERG has successfully used ONLY water-based and water-soluble wood stains, sealers, lacquers, glues and adhesives. 98% of all wood used in the making of our furniture is from certified forests backed by the FSC (The Forest Stewardship Council) and the SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative).

We reclaim as much powder coat paint as is physically possible, achieved through our in-house paint reclamation equipment. We use only recyclable and/or biodegradable cardboard, paper and plastic for packaging our products. All usable excess wood is recycled or used for manufacturing pallets and crates used in shipping. All excess steel is sent to a local recycling center every week.

ERG’s Green Program will continue to find ways to improve our manufacturing processes. ERG International is committed to our customers and our planet!

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